Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Development Update: Writing Notes of Different Types

Last week, two project backlog items were worked on.

If you're wondering how they turned out, just head over to and press a few keys as if you were playing quarter, eighth, triplet, and sixteenth notes.  Let each beat sit without your input and watch quarter rests roll out.  You'll notice that notes you've written don't just disappear anymore.

Do these steps forward excite you or inspire you as to where we're headed?  Want to share those ideas that are starting to spin in that artistic mind of yours?  We welcome them.  You know where early adopters can post.  If you're someone who just landed on this page but have just as much interest in music creation software, we'll make sure to read your comments if you're not yet in our circles.

USC AIM Summer Program Submission

Trivial Software was not selected for the USC Greif summer program.  We can't wait to see what their selections look like!  They have suggested we contact them further for possibilities outside of the summer program.

What does this mean for your tool?

It means that we continue on as intended.

We happily welcome funding, acceleration, or other options we may not even be aware of during today's exciting startup culture.  Such possibilities could quicken our delivery.  If no one joins us on this venture for musicians all over the world, rest assured -- we will still continue at our own pace, as much as we can!

Latest Trivial Party Member Update

Interested in what our newest member is learning and how we ramp him up?
  1. Get set up with code.  At Trivial Software, Robert's learning about source control with git.
  2. Demystify methodologies.  By working with us, Robert will know the production patterns at large video game studios and his role within them as part of a development team.
  3. Confirm it all works with the first task. With the first commit from a simple backlog task, the newest addition to a team can confirm that they're ready for their future contributions.
With our newest Trivial member, we've confirmed we can handle further additions to the code base in the future.

... And The Beat Goes On...

Week 3 will bring some back-end changes that refine how user input is made into music.  Expect measures under all your notes instead of just that first one.

The backlog will have a few new items prioritized into it, including the following.
  • Google Wallet functionality, so our users can let us know they want us to keep going.
  • Printing of sheet music.
  • Editing of previously written notes.
  • Optimized storage of previously written notes.
  • "Quantized" input.  This came from one of our users; do all of you know what this means?

Development Notes for Week 2, May 2012


  • Notes now persist on the sheet after they're written.
  • Sixteenth, triplet, eighth, and quarter notes can be written in each beat.
  • Quarter rest is written if the artists doesn't write notes in the beat.


  • The metronome sound has been removed.  


  • Added usage, name, organization, and communication information.

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