Sunday, May 6, 2012

Code Repository, Backlog, and An Engineer

USC AIM Summer Program Submission 

An application has been submitted to the USC Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies for their summer program.  If selected, we expect this "Accelerator, Incubator, Mentoring" program will help with funding -- which makes this venture more confidently feasible -- and mentoring -- which gives us experienced insight to better inform our business decisions.


The product backlog continues to be built out.  Features are being broken down into Scrum-style "user stories" to easily distribute work among available engineering efforts.

Enough features have been added to cover the next few weeks. As it stands, a demo-able proof of concept will be available after the implementation of the next three user stories.

Code Repository

Trivial Software now has a Git repository for its source control.  Future engineers will now be able to retrieve the private code hosted by Git.

An Engineer

One of our future users was so enthusiastic about music that he has offered his engineering skills to help quicken development of our project.  Beginning May 12th, Robert Fontan will collaborate on writing the javascript code behind this HTML5 project.

Welcome to the party, Robert!

... And The Beat Goes On...

With the above activity going on for the business end of things, our actual product development this last week hasn't been as fast as usual.  Despite that, our future creators continue to give us support and excitement!  This next week will bring our focus back to the javascript code for the next backlog items.

"And don't worry, 
I don't think MuseScore is competition.
We are making old fashioned desktop software,
you are making the future."

- Thomas Bonte, 
CEO/Founder of MuseScore

Our engineering efforts will be directed toward
these user stories.

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