Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kickstarter Success, Pitches

Our Kickstarter has successfully reached the John Williams level, claiming success for our initial goal in less than a week!  If your musician buddies want to be engraved in history's revolution of music creation, tell them they've only got two weeks left as of the day of this writing!

Thank you so much for your success with us!  We hope our earliest respondents are happy to see their names on our site.


The very first day of our Kickstarter brought up some wonderfully challenging questions.  Why that amount of money?  Why is the idea worth anything at all?  Feel free to explore these questions in the image below, or  scroll past it to see a summary.

The Humble Goal

The development costs are used as if paying an engineer for a cheap part-time contract: $500 per month, for three months, to deliver the 3 features promised.  Our engineer's qualifications can be reviewed here.

Does the World Need Liederboard?

We had to confirm that a market existed for Liederboard.  Does the world actually want to keep music composition in history, going forward?  Maybe we're just whining, folks.  Perhaps it should be curtains for music composition, with our silly, squiggly trills and fermatas written on paper instead of just recording a held button in a MIDI file.

Fortunately, Kickstarter serves to validate some form of market-fit.  You have spoken and said that yes, the world needs Liederboard and it's willing to put out more than $1,500 in a single week to get it.

Now investors, partners, and developers know it too, and on September 22nd they'll see exactly how important music composition was to the Kickstarter world.


Pitches are now available!  Notes on the staff can be written by holding down your Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U, I, and O while pressing the usual number keys.

Have We Mentioned We Love Our Backers?

We continue our focus on our users by implementing a pitch preview -- an idea that came out of the comments of our project updates, from one of our very own backers!

Thanks to Michael Heiberg, you'll see a preview of the pitch you're writing.  Press Q and you'll see that a note at E is in your future.  Pressing U shows that a note at D is in your sights.

We love hearing all the comments and discussions; we only wish we could implement them all immediately!  Don't worry, everyone: we'll deliver as much as we can for as long as you enable us.

... And the Beat Goes On...

Our talks with lawyers look to get us some legal counsel within the next two weeks.  That's perfect timing as Caleb tries our first, primitive shot at a remote database where your songs will be stored.  Robert still wants to have his hand in this as he returns to college.

Our commitment is to deliver the Kickstarter project's three advertised features, starting with the completion of pitches so that you can all write your songs.

  • Pitches will handle notes above and below the staff.
  • Pitches will not be reset by the editing system.
  • Pitches will be editable.

Screenshot of the build at week 19.
Bonus: name that song.