Monday, May 21, 2012

Development Update: Measures and Input

Week 3's build is now available at!

The input method continues toward its intended implementation -- being able to hold down a key and seeing the duration directly reflect that hold, much like a piano.  Basic rendering -- such as getting the measures written out -- also continue shaping up.

USC Greif Center

Though we were not selected for its summer program, the USC Greif Center has offered mentoring.  An appointment will be scheduled after our business plan is better formalized this week.

... And The Beat Goes On...

Week 4 will see continued work on last week's stories for input refinements and rendering.  Expect to be able to write music down to sixteenth notes and see them appear correctly on your song.

Our business plan will be formalized to best direct USC Greif's mentoring.  Expect to see Trivial Software's mission statement, core values, and other organizational standards by next week.

Development Notes for Week 3, May 2012


  • Input system now based on sixteenth notes.
  • Measure are now rendered as each measure is written.

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