Friday, April 27, 2012

Understanding Early Adopters

For our first project, we're targeting musicians that write sheet music.  Potential users (on facebook and G+) described how they create without our software.  From these artists, two general groupings emerged.

Our excited future users described what they currently do.

Sheet Music Composers (9)

The first common intention is the creation of sheet music.  Sheet Music Composers described creating sheet music arrangements for distribution among bands with multiple instruments, a Capella groups, for remembering musical ideas, or for other performers in general.

9 of the 13 respondents described this intention.  Of those 9, 6 respondents said they are not currently using software for their sheet music -- they either use paper and pencil or no longer use past software.

Software for this intention follows.
- Finale
- Sibelius
- MuseScore

For when they did use software, those that no longer use software for their sheet music described the following applications.
- Encore
- Noteworthy Composer

Digital Recording Artists (10)

The second common intention is the recording, mixing, and production of audio.  Digital Recording Artists described recording audio for mixing within software, and then for distribution in online services or usage within other software such as video games.

10 of the 13 respondents described this intention.  7 of these 10 also had the intention of creating sheet music, leaving only 3 respondents that were exclusively interested in audio recording.

Software for this intention follows.
- Logic
- Ableton
- FL Studio
- Cubase
- "Cakewalk", a company that was used in descriptions as a product. They make Sonar and Music Creator.
- Garage Band
- Sonar
- Pro Tools
- Audacity
- Reaper

Devices for recording follow.
- Android tablet, phone (Xoom, Nexus S)
- Apple tablet, phone
- Boss BR 1200 12 track digital recorder

Other Input

2 individuals expressed the creation and distribution of guitar tabs.

Useful Information for Trivial Software

1. Even in our small sample of early adopters, there is a plethora of sound recording, sound mixing, and general sound production software.
2. There is a much smaller availability, or cognizance, of notation software.
3. After investigating the software described by these practicing artists, we confirmed that none of these companies yet provide what we hope to, or that company has just not gained enough notoriety to become globally used.

Trivial Software thanks the respondents from our smart and interested future users.  If you are a new visitor excited to stop writing your sheet music in a centuries-old manner, you can join them in our facebook group, Google+ Page, or twitter.  We have no doubt you'll continue to lead us to lucrative next steps!

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