Thursday, November 8, 2012

Community Music Graffiti, Playback

Liederboard is available online at  What does that mean, exactly?

Tagging Up Music Notes With Fellow Musicians

Previously, you were writing out melodies alone.  You'd close Liederboard after jotting down a sudden inspiration.  No one knew.  It was gone.

No longer.

When you visit Liederboard today, you will see something akin to a public wall designated for graffiti and welcoming you as a featured artist.  Instead of defacing it with spraypaint, you can write music notes.  Those notes are automatically saved online and can be restored by pressing the "Everyone's Melody" button.  If someone else overwrites your notes?  Well, that's why it's like a community wall instead of the inside of your room!

Judging by the interesting melody loading right now, some of you have already begun enjoying the rest of the world's marks on the community melody.  It's easier than ever now, after all, since you can...

Use Your Mouse to Write Music!

It's fun to watch the acrobatic feats as your fingers dance across piano keys, but a computer keyboard just clacks as response to your performance on it.  That's why you can start using your mouse to write music!

Click to start writing a note at the pitch where your cursor is.  Hold it to make the note longer, and let go to have it written.  This also means you can tap your smartphone to write notes!  Tablets and smartphones can only write sixteenth notes at this time.

After tagging up the community melody with their own groove, or simply loading it up, everyone has been asking the same thing: what does it sound like?  Who wouldn't want to hear a communal, global piece of music?

The First Steps Toward Audio Are Here!

Click the PLAY button to hear that community melody or to hear what you've written, yourself, if you haven't loaded up the world's tune. 

The glass sounds were downloaded from user "Anton" at  Thanks, Anton!

If you think you can provide high-quality sound recordings of constant, sustained pitches, please leave a comment!  We were lucky to find Anton's samples for our first steps but plan to have sounds more suited to the various notes and lengths that Liederboard's features would offer.

... And the Beat Goes On ...

Expect a facelift for the site -- we've come a long way from the pitch-less, no-saving, keyboard-combo Liederboard with which we began.  Some sweeping is in order. 

Allow a moment to rant: audio on a web browser is crazy stuff!  Work continues to let you hear any piece you might have in front of you.  There are kinks to work out and durations to implement!

Thanks for your continued support!  We love updating you or hearing from everyone at our Facebook group, Twitter, and G+ page.  Drop by and let us know what you think!

Music Graffiti loaded at 3:20 AM (PST) on November 8th, 2012.

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