Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 7: A Clean Engine, Unique Value Proposition

You can see this week's build at!

Business - Our Unique Value Proposition

Though our users are excited about what and who we are, our mentoring brought us to a less clear area about ourselves: how will we sustain ourselves?  Would investors be clear about what value we offer?

Trivial Software

As a company, Trivial Software aims to provide tailored services to elite niches overlooked in mainstream successes.  In terms of value, this means developing accessible software for high-barrier markets.


As a product, InNotation is the first example of that service.  Though we are continually iterating on InNotation with our early adopters, there are two prospects for this service.

  1. InNotation is an affordable and accessible service in a music software industry full of barriers.
  2. InNotation is a competitive music creation game.

Both of these possibilities have their potential.  Usage, feedback, and support will ultimately dictate the direction InNotation takes -- whether it is one of the two futures above or a third emergent manifestation.

Tech - Cleaning Up the Engine

A screenshot of the build for week 7.

The input, rendering, and data-writing systems have been completely revamped.  The current deployment is built atop that foundation and is already showing quick development thanks to its improved, modular architecture.

Go ahead -- try to write some rhythms!  Give us feedback about how it feels!

...And the Beat Goes On...

Week 7 will bring development of the Google Wallet system that will keep this endeavor alive.  Robert is already showing promising transactions, and we look forward to getting this up and running so we can observe what monetization strategy best resonates with our users.

Aside from that, all the functionality from the previous engine will be restored into the new engine.  In the next two weeks, we hope to get you -- and ourselves! -- the ability to write a song made of different-pitched notes and rests!

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